Miami Youth Symphony Project is a non profit organization located in the city of Miami, Florida. The organization sponsors a Youth Symphony Orchestra whose focus is to promote youth’s participation and appreciation of culture, providing them with a healthy emotional and social environment, and to increase their chances to access quality high education.

The Miami Youth Symphony Project also sponsors a “College Fund.” The young members of the orchestra will have a savings income for their work that will go directly to a bank account.

The money will be given to the College or University of the student’s choice upon registration. It has been estimated that in four years, participants would have accumulated half of the total cost of their future College or University studies.

Main goals

To give the opportunity to the most qualified young musicians in the area to participate in a professional level youth orchestra, promoting their.


collaboration and interaction with local and international artists.

To offer them, disregarding their economic background, the possibility to access quality higher education.

To promote within these young talented artists values of self esteem and teamwork as a model for society. Their joint effort is needed for a work of art to become alive, and the final result will depend essentially upon their spiritual commitment. Only their dedication will eventually transform the process into an enriching journey, cause for deep pleasure and pride.


Auditions will be announced

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